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Pile Cages 

A Centrum Pile is a Tested Pile


For the production of reinforcement cages, Centrum use the latest generation of Welding Robots unique to the UK.


Centrum Pile’s welding robots offer a high production rate in the region of 400 linear metres per hour, all in a quality-controlled environment, ensuring that the cages are manufactured to our exact requirements in order to produce high standard driven precast concrete piles.

The welding robots are capable of manufacturing reinforcement cages of section sizes ranging from our smallest offering of 200mm² to our largest offering of 400mm² and from a minimum of 4 bar up to 20 bar. Centrum Pile responsibly sources the steel rebar used in its production of reinforced cages to provide its customers with the highest quality and assurance.

Offered as part of the Centrum Pile System or sold on their own for use in ground beam solutions, Centrum pile cages are fully traceable. 

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