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Specialists in the Production of Reinforced Precast Concrete Piles

Welcome to Centrum Pile Ltd. We are based in the UK and are the UK’s leading and most advanced manufacturer of continuously reinforced, driven precast concrete piles – the Centrum Pile System – using the most advanced concrete, distribution, mould, pile joint and manufacturing technology available. As part of the Aarsleff Group of companies, Centrum Pile Ltd. has drawn on the success and expertise of our European colleagues and since its conception in the UK in 1993, our production facility has been continually developed to enable the manufacture of our high quality, reinforced concrete pile system. The UK production plant is one of five in Europe; with the others located in Denmark, Germany Sweden and Poland making Centrum Pile Europe’s leading reinforced precast concrete pile manufacturer with the capability of producing in the region of 3.2 million linear metres of reinforced precast concrete piles per annum.

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Centrum Pile are corporate partners of the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, the county’s leading conservation charity run by local people for the benefit of local wildlife. Centrum Pile are also corporate sponsors of the Beacon Hill Conservation Park in Newark, and a business supporter of the Nottinghamshire Nature Reserves Fund.

Centrum Pile has recognised that concern for the environment should be an integral and fundamental part of its business. They conduct their operations and maintain their state-of-the-art facilities in line with a commitment to enhance their environmental performance. Working with suppliers to minimise the impact of their operations on the environment, Centrum Pile maintain an open information policy towards the concerns of local communities and all other parties affected, interested and involved in their activities and to issues which concern the environment.

Check out our baseline sustainability report for our financial year 20/21 here 
Check out our 21/22 sustainability report here


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