Investment in Staff Training

Centrum Pile Ltd recognises that its most important resource is its employees. It is committed to the training and development of its entire workforce so that they will gain the necessary skills to reach their full potential.

This will assist in enabling our organisation to achieve its aims and objectives. By increasing the skills and knowledge of its staff, the organisation will produce confident, highly qualified staff working as an effective and efficient team.

Centrum carries out regular procedures in our factory to detail staff competence. Between the Health and Safety Manager, and Factory Manager, the following processes are carried out:

  • Inductions are undertaken for all new employees
  • Training with assessment carried out for each unique job role
  • Personnel are made aware of the relevance and importance of their activities and how they contribute to the achievement of the companies policies, procedures and objectives
  • A training matrix is maintained for each staff member
  • Awareness training provided and competence assessed in performing each task during a set period.
  • Finally, staff appraisals are carried out by the relevant departmental manager on an annual basis where potential future training needs are identified. Records of all training, inductions, and competence assessments are maintained for each individual indefinitely