Protecting the Environment

Centrum Pile Ltd cares about the environment in all its forms and recognises that concern for the environment should be an integral and fundamental part of its business. Centrum is aware that its factory affects the environment.

Our objective is to balance our business aims with our commitment towards protection of the environment.

Check out our baseline sustainability report for our financial year 20/21 here 
Check out our 21/22 sustainability report here

We commit to:

  • Transition all company cars to hybrid or electric by 2025*
  • Improve energy usage within the Centrum factory using new technology
  • Switch to all renewable bought energy by October 2023
  • Offer CO2 data for projects at tender stage by October 2024
  • Reduce timber waste by 50% by 2023
  • Reduce all waste generated by 40% by 2030
  • Enhance our supplier policy and vetting process for key suppliers (cement, timber, steel) by October 2023
  • Measure and report on value-engineering savings by October 2023
  • Deliver unconscious bias training to 100% of senior management by October 2023
  • Further embed equality, diversity, and inclusion into our company culture, maintaining a working environment that is appealing to all
  • Deliver sustainability training to 100% of our workforce by October 2023
  • Deliver health and wellbeing training to 100% of our workforce by 2024
  • 7% of workforce to be enrolled on accredited training programmes by 2025 (assured by the 5% Club)
  • Offer employees 2 paid volunteering days in 2024
  • Deliver 3 skills/learning workshops within the community through our YMCA partnership each quarter by 2025



Production Environmental Benefits

Investments into their manufacturing facility have allowed Centrum Pile to be more environmentally responsible and almost waste free in the production of precast concrete piles. The following beneficial features include:

  • The process of water recycling along with rain water harvesting from our curing chamber roof for use in our batching plants generates sufficient water to manufacture approximately 50% of our concrete without having to use the “mains supply”, saving over 90,000ltrs per week or 4,320,000ltrs per annum.
  • A curing chamber that utilises the exothermic reaction of the cement hydration (concrete curing process) of the piles to self-heat the chamber allowing an improved curing cycle / time.
  • Wedge pits that our wash out water collects in separating the solids from the water. The water is then used to produce concrete and the solids along with the small amount of unused concrete at the end of the production shift is collected by a local company that crushes, recycles and reuses as class 1 aggregates for roads or other fill material.
  • Two automated pile reinforcement cage manufacturing Robots that utilise coiled rebar vastly reducing waste compared to hand tied cages from straight bar. The minimal amount of waste rebar from our reinforcement cage manufacturing process is also collected by a local company for recycling.


Centrum Pile are corporate partners of the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, the county’s leading conservation charity run by local people for the benefit of local wildlife. Centrum Pile are also corporate sponsors of the Beacon Hill Conservation Park in Newark, and a business supporter of the Nottinghamshire Nature Reserves Fund.  The Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust campaign tirelessly for wildlife, protecting threatened habitats and species. They influence government policy and local planning decisions that affect the future of wildlife and the quality of the environment.

Holly McCain, Senior Development Officer at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust commented:

“It is heartening that Centrum Pile recognises the importance of investing in and protecting their local environment and will be working with our conservation team to improve their site in Newark for wildlife. Also by sponsoring the Trust’s Beacon Hill Conservation Park as part of the Nottinghamshire Nature Reserve Fund, we look forward to Centrum Pile’s staff visiting the nature reserve and seeing how their company is funding wildlife conservation work on their doorstep”.

Centrum Pile has recognised that concern for the environment should be an integral and fundamental part of its business. They conduct their operations and maintain their state-of-the-art facilities in line with a commitment to enhance their environmental performance. Working with suppliers to minimise the impact of their operations on the environment, Centrum Pile maintain an open information policy towards the concerns of local communities and all other parties affected, interested and involved in their activities and to issues which concern the environment.