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Knowledge and experience are at the core of Centrum Pile’s capabilities. The company invests extensively in its people to ensure it remains at the forefront of industry innovations. This wealth of expertise is what defines Centrum Pile’s high level of customer service and the quality of Centrum Pile products on offer.

Darren Senior


Darren Senior is Centrum Pile’s Director and is responsible for the overall running of Centrum, maintaining high levels of communication with all of our stakeholders. Darren works closely with the planning and production teams to ensure Centrum Pile’s high quality level is delivered each and every time. Darren has many years experience in the pre-cast concrete and pile manufacturing sector and has been pivotal in large scale projects, allowing him to ensure Centrum’s high level of customer service.

Email: darrensenior@centrumpile.co.uk

Mobile: 07715 055391

Eamonn Walsh 

Factory Manager

Eamonn Walsh is Centrum Pile’s Pile Factory Manager for the precast piling facility in Balderton, having celebrated 25 years of service. Eamonn progressed up from production manager to factory manager in 2016, and continuously ensures all operations of the factory run smoothly. He deals daily with every team in the manufacturing process and his vast experience allows him to seamlessly keep everything running smoothly. 

Email: eamonnwalsh@centrumpile.co.uk

Mobile: 07836 311292

Ben Bridges 

Planning and Logistics Manager

Ben Bridges is Centrum Pile’s Planning and Logistics Manager and officially joined the UK company in 2018 after completing a University placement ‘Year in Industry’ in 2016/2017. During his time in the company, Ben has proven instrumental in the streamlining of the company’s daily processes with a focus on IT improvements. Ben has in-depth knowledge of electronic engineering and is responsible for ensuring the cohesive running of the automated pile production system.

Email: benbridges@centrumpile.co.uk

Mobile: 07387 092511

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