Our Values


  • To be at the front line when it comes to product development and constantly develop both the company and the individuals
  • To have a flexible organisation with the ambition to always improve what can be improved
  • To reduce our impact on the environment 


  • To perform your work in a correct way, with the right set of tools and to constantly remind yourself that the things you do have consequences for someone else
  • To understand that every part of the process is equally important to create a top-quality product
  • To value precision and be aware that everything you say and do in your work affects someone else’s work situation


  • To deliver high quality concrete-solutions at market price
  • To have an organisation with a clear vision where everyone works as a team to achieve common goals


  • To be curious and strive to always improve yourself and others
  • To see everything as a possibility and know that every person plays an important part in the company structure
  • To be proud of our product and our brand

Check out our baseline sustainability report here 



Centrum Pile Ltd

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Tel: 01636 615700
Email Address: info@centrumpile.co.uk

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