Let’s talk about … Batching Plant

At Centrum Pile here in Newark we have two batching plants, one called Newark 3 and the other called Newark 4. They are called Newark 3 & 4 as when they were owned and operated by CEMEX they were the 3rd & 4th batching plants in their original geographical working areas… we just kept the names!

Newark 3 is the oldest of the two batching plants dating back to 1993 and Newark 4 dates back to 2008. Newark 3 has a single 2m³ wet pan mixer and three dry powder silo’s for cement, Betocarb & PFA all of which hold up to 50t each. Newark 4 has two 2m³ wet pan mixers and three dry powder silo’s for cement and PFA all of which hold up 100t each.

It total we have a dry powder storage capacity of 450t!

The making of Centrum Piles precast pile tables

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