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What is the purpose of a pile foundation?

How do large, heavy structures maintain stabilisation above the ground where the condition of the soil has cause for concern? Piled foundations are often the appropriate engineered solution, below we answer what the purpose of a pile foundation is:

1. Safety

To transmit and ensure safety when a structure’s load is coming down onto the ground

In some circumstances where structures are large and heavy, and the underlying soil is weak, driven precast concrete piles assist by creating an increase of resistance against the load coming down on the ground. The pile foundation guarantees the vertical structures above with safety, security, and reliability.

2. To improve the ground conditions!

Quality driven precast concrete piles strengthen grounds where the soil may be weakened or be vulnerable to erosion. Piles transmit the force of heavy loads coming onto the foundation, the transmission of load is performed whether it is vertical or horizontal or inclined loads.

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