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Our Heritage. 

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1882 - 1965

Centrum Pile has its roots in a construction company local to Vejle, Denmark, founded in 1882. By 1965, Centrum Paele was founded, dedicated to the production of precast concrete piles for use in Denmark and wider Northern Europe.

1993 - 1996

In the UK, production began in Newark, Nottinghamshire in 1993, as an arm of the then foundation based contractor, Aarsleff Piling. Producing piles solely for Aarsleff, the factory operated by hand tying pile cages. Run on manpower alone, the team could produce up to 50m of steel cage per hour, until 1996 when the first welding robot was introduced enabling the factory to produce up to 100m/per hour.

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Centrum Pile was officially founded in 2001, operating a separate business and widening its model to include external sales. The site grew and became a major local employer, with many of the team still remaining within the workforce today.


Major innovation came in 2008, when, despite economic uncertainty looming over the world, the company invested heavily in automating the factory to speed up production. Another welding robot was purchased as well as the pouring and mould automation which now forms the basis for the casting shed.


In 2018, we took major steps to invest in environmental benefits for the site, including a 75,000 litre rainwater tank underneath the batching plant, processes to recycle runoff water used to washout skips and moulds, and better utilisation of the heat created during the exothermic reaction involved in the concrete casting.


Further investment came in 2021 when an outside casting facility was added onto the Newark site. This meant an additional 1000 metres of precast piles could be produced each day. The outside casting area is used from March through to September to support peak demand periods in the factory. 


More environmental focus came in 2023 when we added solar panels to the roofs of the casting shed and our 'Centrum 2' shed, demonstrating our commitment to embed more energy efficient and clean energy processes into our manufacturing. 

We also expanded the trailer park to increase safety around vehicular movements on site and paved a road around to the outside casting facility to ensure ease of access. 


Today, the Centrum Pile Factories are Europe’s largest and most efficient producer and distributor of precast concrete piles. With factories in the UK, Denmark, Germany, Poland, and Sweden, our range across Europe is far-reaching. We share expertise and knowledge across the factories, allowing us to stay at the forefront of the industry and produce the best possible product for your sites.

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