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Committed to Accountability 

Centrum Pile Limited are committed to accountability on sustainability and understand that in the current world climate, there can be no more ‘business as usual’. We want to actively further sustainable development, adding value into the communities in which we operate and creating opportunities for all people. Operating within the construction and built environment sector, we are aware of the responsibility we have to innovate in order to reduce emissions and our overall negative impact on the world around us.


We're working continuously to improve our reporting and deliver realised figures that can be used by our clients. See below our reports for our baseline year of 2020-21, and each of our financial years since. 

Our Targets



  • Transition all company cars to hybrid or electric by 2025

  • Improve energy usage within the factory using new technology

  • Create a verified EPD by October 2024

  • Reduce timber waste by 80% by 2025

  • Reduce all waste generated by 40% by 2030

  • Deliver a Full Green Supply Chain initiative by 2025



  • Establish a full equality, diversity, and inclusion roadmap by 2025

  • Maintain or improve on our Lost Time Accident Frequency Rate

  • Establish annual employee satisfaction survey and process with key actions by 2025



  • 7% of workforce to be enrolled on accredited training programmes by 2025 (assured by the 5% Club) – 5.41% in 2023

  • Offer employees 2 paid volunteering days in 2024

  • Deliver 3 skills/learning workshops within the community through our YMCA partnership each quarter by 2025

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