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Our Values.

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We work to deliver excellence in precast pile manufacture, matching the needs of today whilst always considering our impact on the wider world and tomorrow.


Living by core values of Life & Health, Trust, and Responsibility, Centrum creates value for all its stakeholders, allowing it to become the UK’s leading manufacturer of precast concrete piles.

Our model is to increase employee freedom as we grow, rather than limit it, to continue to attract and nourish effective people, so we all have a better chance of long-term continued success. Results matter more than where we produce them.

Our Core Values. 

Life & Health

  • We know that safety begins and ends with each employee.

  • We understand that speaking up is a vital behaviour and everyone has the obligation to stop work if they believe it is not safe.

  • We believe that safety is not on par with productivity; rather it is an ethic that guides everything our employees do.

  • We empower our employees in a work environment that is conducive to creating the optimal work/ life balance.


  • We pride ourselves on providing complete visibility into the successes, and sometimes failures, of our business.

  • We share openly and are remarkably transparent in all our dealings.

  • We make uncommon levels of information available to everyone in the company.

  • We build positive, long-term relationships with our clients, partners, suppliers, and colleagues that are built on trust, respect, and collaboration.


  • We know that it is our responsibility to embrace new ways of working and improve on what we do.

  • We take ownership of our ideas and run with them.

  • We give each other feedback, about what we do well, and where we can improve. This is a collective responsibility.

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