Piles can be manufactured in various sizes and lengths to suit project-specific requirements. Centrum Pile uses the most advanced technology to produce high-quality precast concrete piles

What are the sizes of precast piles?

Precast concrete piles are available in various lengths and sizes to suit specific requirements. Our Centrum precast piles are cast in standard square sections from 200mm to 400mm and from 4m in length, increasing in 1m increments to standard lengths of up to 14m.

 what are the sizes of precast piles

Larger pile sizes are used for large infrastructure projects such as wind turbines, pylons, river bridge foundations, bridge abutments, piers and marine construction.

Smaller pile sizes can be used for the above projects but are also used in residential developments and areas with restricted access.

Determining the size of precast piles can also vary depending on the below factors:

  • Type of soil and its properties
  • Weight of load coming onto the pile

what are the sizes of precast piles

If you would like Centrum to supply your reinforced precast concrete piles, get in touch with Centrum Pile’s Director Paul Pendleton on 01636 615700 or send a direct e-mail to paulpendleton@centrumpile.co.uk