Let’s talk about the two types of precast piles you need to know about; Driven precast concrete piles and Energy piles. 

Driven Precast Concrete Piles

Precast concrete piles offer a cost-effective form of deep foundation. Usually of square section, driven precast concrete piles are produced by Centrum Pile in short lengths in one-metre intervals between 3 and 14 metres, and cast in standard square sections from 200mm to 400mm.

They can be easily connected together in order to reach the required length and can withstand high-pressure vertical loads as well as tension and lateral loads.

No spoil is generated on-site during their installation. This means that no waste is sent to landfill!

Energy Piles

Energy Piles are standard precast concrete piles with PE100 tubes cast into them. This enables fluid to circulate down into the ground for the extraction of heat to warm up the building on top of the piles in

connection with a heat pump.

Furthermore, the Energy Piles can cool down the building by drawing out excess heat from the building and storing this heat in the ground – known as a passive cooling effect.

As such, the function of Energy Piles is dual, since they both carry the building and provide sustainable ground source energy for heating and cooling.

Energy piles are available in the same sizes as standard driven precast piles.

To learn more about Energy Piles you can Download our white paper on Energy Piles here  or visit our website www.energipaele.dk