The Centrum Pile itself is manufactured to BS EN 12794:2005 = A1 Precast Concrete Products.

Centrum Pile’s automated factory is based on a mix of 48 insulated moulds, each consisting of a set of individual square section troughs catering for all common section sizes manufactured for installation by its customers.

The moulds, complete with their relevant reinforcement cages are moved automatically through a carousel circuit built on a system of wheeled chassis and rollers. They pass under the fixed concrete casting machine for automatic filling with self-compacting concrete which has been designed to reduce waste and the carbon footprint of a pile.

The newly cast pile is then stored in the specially adapted curing chamber, which utilises the exothermic reaction of the cement hydration (concrete curing process) of the piles to self-heat the chamber allowing an improved curing cycle / time. Once cured, the piles are then stripped and stored until they reach the required strength for driving.

Involving the supply chain

The manufacturing process relies on materials being delivered on a just in-time basis. Negotiations with suppliers led Centrum to ensure the quality and the sustainability credentials of the materials bought but also to ensure that the materials are prepared and delivered to the factory in such a way that there is no need for further modifications or adjustments therefore reducing effort and costs.

Monitoring and informing

All the materials delivered to Centrum Pile’s factory are rigorously scrutinised. The semi & automated production lines provide the management team with up-to-the-minute information on the performance of the manufacturing facility in terms of productivity, waste generation and resource utilisation. This information is then analysed in order to rapidly rectify the parameters of the plant process that produced waste levels outside the set targets.

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