Social Distanced First Aid Training for Factory Operatives

Centrum Pile is committed to making sure all its operatives are safe and prepared when working, having carried out First Aid training for its operatives whilst maintaining social distancing guidelines.

The training took place in the companies automated casting shed (SAMM), which was set up to have stations for each operative around the room and a table for the instructor from MRS Training and Rescue services to lead from. Centrum Piles first aid operatives were refreshed on their first aid knowledge and provided updates on how to treat burns, identify minor and suspected injuries and assess incidents. Practical skills of each first aider was also assessed, on areas such as CPR, unresponsiveness and bleeding.

The 3-day course ensures that Centrum Pile has first aiders who are proficient in dealing with injuries and illness at our factories.

Eamonn Walsh, Centrum Piles Factory Manager, who organised the training said,

It is important that we continue to train our operatives and make sure we have first aiders in each area of our factory. It was also important to ensure that we did this training whilst adhering to the social distancing guidelines that have been put in place by the government. It was great to hear from the training instructor, who was impressed with our preparation of the area and I am pleased that we were able to carry out the training in these times.


Centrum Pile has put social distancing measures in place across its factory, including floor markers and new systems of working to ensure the safety of its operatives which continues to be the company’s top priority. 

Centrum Pile First Aid training

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