Reinforcement Robot


Reinforcement Robot


Using the latest generation of Welding Robot; unique to the UK for the production of steel reinforcement cages offers high production rates in the region of 200 linear metres per hour and all in a quality controlled environment, ensuring the cages are manufactured to our exact requirements in order to produce the high standard precast concrete pile our clients expect.

Within the Centrum Pile Factory, the Robot Shed houses our two cage fabrication robots that have a combined capacity of 400 linear metres of pile cages per hour. The pile cages are continuously reinforced and are welded at each time the helical wire crosses a main bar. 

The process starts with deliveries of the rebar in coils. The coils that are used for the main bars weight 4 Tonne each and the coils used for the helical bars weigh 950kg. We store around 500 Tonne of coil within the robot shed; this is approximately one month’s usage.

The operator programmes the Robot to manufacture the length of cage required from the production schedule and changes the former to the correct size for the cage section. Once this is complete, the Robot can run. 

As the cages are being manufactured, spacers are added to the cage to ensure that the correct cover is achieved on the soffit sides and ends of the piles. 

The cages are stored on bogey’s or in the robot shed awaiting call off. Each of the cages are individually identified with a label put on at the manufacturing stage. From this label, all the coil charge (batch) numbers can be traced. 

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