Green Initiatives Shortlisted in Regional Awards

The UK’s leading manufacture of driven precast concrete piles, Centrum Pile, has been shortlisted in the Constructing Excellence East Midlands Awards 2020 for the green initiatives it has implemented into its factory to boost sustainability, reduce waste and lower its carbon footprint impact.

Constructing Excellence is a not-for-profit organisation charged with improving the performance of the UK construction industry for the benefit of its clients and stakeholders. The CE is split into regional bodies who carry out activities and events across the UK, including annual awards.

Carbon Footprint in manufacture of Precast Concrete Piles - Centrum PileCarbon Footprint

Centrum Pile was able to reduce its carbon footprint whilst maintaining the DC-4 durability standard of its concrete. Concrete manufacture accounts for a large part of the worlds carbon footprint, with cement being the main contributor. By blending their cement with Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA), Centrum Pile was able to reduce its cement by 30% whilst maintaining and improving the plastic and hardened properties of their piles. Read more about this here:


Centrum Pile was able to work with Biffa Plc to prevent all of its waste from going to landfill and instead gets specially processed to be recycled and reused in other products. This includes scrap metals, concrete, electrical equipment, waste oil and waste oil containers, scrap batteries, oil rags, fuel filters, aerosol cans, cardboard, plastic, paper, tin and wood are all waste streams in the business that are recycled.

Centrum Pile also recycles the rainwater harvested from the roof of their concrete curing chamber for use in the batching plants, along with making use of the exothermic reaction in the curing process to self-heat and improve curing times.

Read more about the green initiatives Centrum Pile has implemented on its environmental page

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