Centrum Pile join a sustainable trial in Low Carbon Concrete solutions

Centrum Pile Ltd are committed to investigating the suitability of alkali-activated cementitious materials (AACMs) in low carbon concrete within aggressive ground (LOCOWAG).

Newark, UK, Centrum Pile Ltd have announced their participation in the LOCOWAG project, which has been awarded funding by Innovate UK. This initiative is a major move for Centrum Pile Ltd on its mission to reduce carbon footprint and balance business aims with their commitment towards protection of the environment

“We as an industry and as a business needed to find “a better way to play the old game” says Paul Pendleton, Director of Centrum Pile.

The objectives of this two-year project are:

  • Develop, assess, and demonstrate AACM concrete formulations meeting user needs for foundations (buildings and infrastructure)
  • Demonstrate and assess use of AACMs in piling to de-risk adoption
  • Carry out laboratory tests to assess durability of AACM concrete formulations in sulphate-rich conditions (and other key performance characteristics), and compare with those of PC-based and other AACM-based concretes, as a driver for new industry-wide guidance/standards (such as BS8500, BRE IP 17/05 and BRE SD1)
  • Assess business models and barriers to market and address these
  • Convene an industry stakeholder group via A3CM UK to support the production of new industry guidance

Paul continued “If the trials are successful, then Centrum will be at the forefront of potentially one of the biggest environmental game changers that this industry has ever seen and will be able to offer our customers the choice to reduce the embodied CO² of their piles within their project.”

This is one of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of Centrum Pile Ltd, including:

  • Reduce its carbon footprint whilst maintaining the DC-4 durability standard of its concrete
  • Became corporate partners of the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, the county’s leading conservation charity run by local people for the benefit of local wildlife.
  • Are almost waste free in the production of precast concrete piles

For more information on the LOCOWAG project please visit: www.locowag.com or contact andrew.frost@dbgholdings.com 

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