We’re delighted to congratulate Paul Robinson, Operative in Centrum’s Newark factory, on his 25 years of service with the company.

Paul started at Centrum in June 1997, following 20 years of service in the coal industry. He says, “things were very different then. There were about 12 guys and 14 moulds and none of the automation we have now. We had one crane, there’s 14 now.”

Indeed, Paul has seen almost every aspect of Centrum’s journey. The factory now operates over 70 moulds at Newark with a team of over 70. When Paul joined, Centrum operated under Aarsleff’s name and that didn’t change until 2001. The introduction of a second welding robot sped up production massively in the mid-2000s and the fully automated Centrum pile system has turned the factory into what it is today. Paul remembers when the automation was first introduced and his involvement in the testing to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Paul has been involved in almost every aspect of the site and has recently moved part time. “It’s been nice to move around. I used to just work in production but now I get all around the site, fixing handrails and signs and anything that needs doing really.”

Paul says he has enjoyed his time so far and is looking forward to finishing his working life at Centrum.

Please join us in congratulating Paul for his continued commitment to Centrum Pile. Congratulations on reaching 25 years!