Health and Safety Benefits

The use of precast components reduces the number of operatives in attendance on site that would normally be casting these products in-situ and consequently reduces the duration that these operatives will be in attendance for.

The use of precast components moves any residual manufacturing Health and Safety risk off the site and into the factory, whereby it can be managed in a more consistent manner i.e. the pouring of wet concrete from a skip suspended from a crane on site open to the elements is now suspended beneath a gantry crane in an enclosed environment thus removing the site variables.

Centrum Precast has won the Silver Award in the prestigious RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety ‘Achievement Awards’ 2016, a scheme run by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

The award recognises Centrum’s commitment to continuous improvement in accident and ill health prevention at work, which it has championed for many years placing it at the core of its business strategy. The award sends a strong reassuring signal to our clients about the culture and behaviour of Centrum Precast. Health and Safety is a priority within Centrum, as we believe it contributes to our on-going business success.


Supplying a quality product to our clients is of the utmost importance

Centrum Piles are manufactured to BS EN 12794. All piles are delivered to site with full CE Marking and Batch Identification offering full traceability on every pile supplied.

Integrating the Centrum Pile System into a foundation design means that the client is utilising a product with many benefits including: –

  • Responsibly sourced, quality raw materials
  • Quality Assured Piles manufactured under controlled conditions to BS EN 12794
  • Full traceability of products produced in ISO 9001 factories.
  • Fast, efficient and environmentally sustainable on-site installation.
  • Load bearing capacity test data available for design criteria.
  • Ease of programming for delivery timetables.

Each individual pile produced in the Centrum Pile factory is labelled with a CE conformity marking which includes mandatory, clearly displayed information together with the optional data of the pile characteristics. As part of Centrum Pile Ltd’s commitment to development the label also includes a bar code, enabling us to trace the history of each pile from manufacture to its installed location.

The Centrum Pile manufacturing process, system, products and mechanical joints have been stringently audited comply with BS EN12794:2005. The integral cast in-situ mechanical pile joints were extensively tested for verification of robustness, rigidity, impact and bending.